Race Ranking Not Updating

I raced this morning the event zid=2966942 and got a gain of 28.88 in the ranking, but this result is not showing as 1 of my 5 bests.

Best 5: 227.77,249.89,293.79,362.60,478.58
This race result = 334.17

am i failing to understand something?

Have you tried clicking on refresh profile on your profile page?


thanks james!!

Unrelated but why do you/I/We have to log in every I visit ZP, especially just basically things like the events calendar. It’s still the easiest place to find events that I know of, if you’re looking for later that day or further into the future. Thanks!

I don’t have to log in, more than 2 years now!
Using DuckDuckGo as standard browser, Android.

Weirdly I don’t have to anymore on this machine but do on others. Not sure why!

Just checked on my phone and it didn’t make me sign in this time. :sweat_smile: I feel like I’m telling/asking about that signing and dancing frog. I’m currently on the road for Athens twilight so I’ll check the PC when I get home.