Race planning

Hello, We are a cycling group (Hope Pedal) to raise funds for non-governmental organizations. We have many friends who drive with Zwift. So far, we drove by doing meet-ups for various NGOs. Thanks to you, the needs of many children were sopplied. Now, our plan is to organize a bicycle race for such a purpose in Zwift. If it is possible, how we can do it? what we have to do? , with best regards.

Hi @Okan_Falay, welcome to the forums.

The short answer is no, its not possible… yet. Zwift is currently testing a new Clubs feature and once that is more widely rolled out to all users you might be able to organize your own race for club members only. I don’t know if the club feature will allow private races or not, just speculating.

If you want to get a race onto the official Zwift event list, then you need to contact Zwift HQ directly and the likelihood of success is extremely low. I have seen posted on the forums from Zwift staff that if you are organizing weekly meetups and you are gaining popularity, consistently having 100 people join each week, then maybe they will consider adding your events to the schedule. However, that was pre-COVID-19, since the lockdowns the event schedule has blown up with so many new rides, pro-teams joining and creating events, new tours, etc. It appears that now you need to be a pro team to get an official Zwift event added.

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