Race category enforcement?

You are right. Looks like he stopped, waited a couple of minutes, then crossed the finish.
Then did the same sort of thing in the race starting an hour later. Check out the heart rate data.

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This is a behaviour I’m interested in seeing how zwiftRacingScore will handle, someone blows up a race, then lets everyone else ahead of them so they didn’t win. I don’t know that race ranking will solve this unless they handle this type of case specifically.

Interesting feedback guys, I’m still only a season and a half into Zwift, and had no idea things get so colorful with the races. My goal is to stay healthy, work on improving and have fun. Not quite sure why one would try to game the system, aren’t you just cheating yourself…?

One issue Zwift has is the categories are broad, so folks at the bottom have a pretty hard time, and most often get dropped and have to ride alone or with a small group. People who cheat still can get a good workout depending on what type of workout they are looking for, they just won’t get dropped.

So I get why people cheat, I just wish it wasn’t so easy.