Quoting previous post

Why do I keep getting Automatically removed quote of whole previous post. When I reply to people?

Hi - Shuji here. I admin the forum, and I’m seeing quotes not working too. We’re investigating.

Thanks @shooj

They seem to be working for me

Weird, right? @Philip_Procter can you give it a try too?

I’m also wondering how many posts or years until the privilege of being able to link something is granted.

BTW… I tried quoting @shooj but it didn’t take.

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I have no idea how it works but it seems like there are regular posters who don’t have permission to add a link. Whatever setting controls that is probably locked down too much.

There was a conditional setting when quotes won’t stick in the forum.

  • IF a user adds a quote at the start (and only at the start) of their post
  • AND the quote is of an entire post
  • AND the quote is from the immediate preceding post

I’ve disabled this condition. Funny that @Philip_Procter and I both ran into it at around the same time. Let me know if this continues to be a problem with the forum, will you?

Testing, seems to work ok.

Deleted another but different test post.

trying this out again