What bike(s) are compatible with the Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer? I am brand new to cycling and Zwift, but I figured I would purchase the technology straight from the source. Anyway, naturally, that leaves me without a clue about which bike I should be purchasing. I am 5’6 and 130 pounds if that helps, and I wouldn’t want to spend more than $2,000 on a bike.
Thank you in advance.

The “Wahoo Kickr Smart Bike” you’re referencing is an actual full trainer bike that’ll set you back 3.5k bucks, obviously way more than your budget. I think you’re asking about a bike to use with the Wahoo Kickr trainer, specifically the top of the line direct drive trainer.

If this is the case, then just about any good road bike will work. You should be able to purchase a good used bike to use on it. I’ve built up several trainer specific bikes that only have a frame, drivetrain, seat, handlebar and front wheel. Even cheaper but you need to have someone build it if you’re capable of doing it.

If its a Wahoo Kickr (rather than the full Wahoo Kickr Smartbike) then it usually comes with a Shimano compatible 11-speed cassette. So for the easiest path you need a an 11-speed Shimano geared bike.

Your size and weight are no issue, you can pick from pretty well anything.

Any Shimano/SRAM 11-speed based bike will be fine. SRAM 11-speed cassettes are also 100% compatible with the Kickr freehubs if you dont like the Wahoo supplied cassette. Chains are also 100% compatible.

Pro-tip: Replace the supplied cassette with either a Shimano or a SRAM unit. The one that comes on the Wahoo Kickr has only one notable feature: It was the cheapest piece of Sunrace crap Wahoo could buy and still call it compatible. Shooj, one of the forum mods here was a Shimano customer rep in previous life and suggested changing it in a post last year. Made a HUGE difference in shifting performance.

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haha - couldnt agree more. One ride from new it became a paper weight in my cave

I see where I went wrong. Yes, I was only referring to the trainer but the copy and paste of its name failed me. Are there any websites that specifically sell used bikes that have a good reputation?
Thank you

Hi buddy we are useing scwhinn ic8
For £1000 in uk it brilliant got Bluetooth contactable to Wahoo heart of you go I don’t have road bike I ride Mtb ya look at scwhinn for your money you won’t be unhappy :+1::fire_engine:

He will not be unhappy - until he wants race @ Zwift. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Buyer beware!