QOM rankings don't show

Sometimes at the end of a climb, the KOM standings show but not the QOM standings (and I’m a woman). Or the QOM just flashes up so quickly that I can’t even read it. This is a bug because usually, the KOM and QOM standings will alternate. It has happened repeatedly in NY on the high bike path (among other places) but it is intermittent. I’m using an Apple TV. Zwift support suggested that I need to force quit the app between rides, but that doesn’t help. I’ve managed to record it happening a few times and I’ve sent it to Zwift support via email. After that, they asked me to post to this forum.

It happens to me every time, as well.

Jade, thanks. Can you give it a vote? In the box to the left of the title. Apparently bugs with more votes get developer attention.

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