Proposition double registration for the 10th or 20th first of every race where the ranking is under 100

Hi everyone and thank for the work you’re doing. I’m a member of FFZ’s team and we’re doing everything we can to be more transparent on the races and specifically on the ability to provide double registrations in order certify our results. We realize that there is a rising number of registration on ZWIFT Power with people who are running in ZP et people with an HT which is not reliable. In order to make sure everything works well do you think it could be possible to ask a double registration for the 10th or 20th first of every race where the ranking is under 100?
It could be a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy running against the best people in the world.
Thanks again for everything you’re doing and for all the fun you’re providing us.
Best regards

Not a bad idea, but I think it would make more sense if the game itself supported dual recording. It could be treated as a new power source type, so ZP/Power/Dual instead of just the first two.


indeed it’s a very good idea!!!

Dual recording as it is done now has zero value in reducing cheating. It’s even easier to fabricate a .fit file than to mess with the calibration of a power meter.

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Exactly, Craig. I think it all too often functions as a free pass.

I am also still not sure why people on a Neo would need to go through the hassle of dual recordings. I bought one because I didn’t want to worry about accuracy. I have yet to see the first report of a Neo that overreads… (while I have seen plenty of reports of dual recordings that are tinkered with)

It is not false. I have a neo 2 T too and it is between 5 to 10% less than my durace

I think we need to distinguish between those who want to cheat and those who have a poorly calibrated HT. Concerning those who want to cheat, they will always find a way and it’s endless (except sending them to a shrink). On the other hand, dual recording solves the problem of poorly calibrated HTs (which I hope is the majority of the problems).

just exactly

I also think

What would be the way for those who have a Kickr Bike? I suppose you could get power meter pedals then a second set of shoes with compatible cleats.

What the heck is an HT?

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Don’t understand your point ???