Pro Flywheel Support

I’m having fun with Zwift riding a Kurt Kinetic trainer. I have a Pro Flywheel installed on it which I assume results in a different power curve. Can Zwift account for that and/or are there any plans to add support for it?

The different sized flywheels affect acceleration and deceleration but not the overall power curve. So for very short intervals there could be some sort of adjustment made, but for anything else the spinning fly wheel weight doesn’t matter.

I disagree. Throughout your ride one is constantly accelerating/decelerating so how can it account for that? In fact why does the kinetic inride app have a option with changes to the power curve?

I agree the pro flywheel takes more power to spin up but in turn takes longer to spin down and therefore requires less power to maintain. Power is power. That said, the issue is with interval training where it throws off the ability to meet the fast power change transitions.