Pride On 2021 FAQ

Put in work with our LGBTQIA+ community during Pride rides and runs every Tuesday and Saturday in June. Suit up, make new friends, and let the Pride Ons fly.

Don’t worry about keeping up: the pace is casual to keep it social.

Finish any event to unlock a piece of kit from the 2021 Pride On collection! All new, your avatar will be ready for anything in the redesigned jersey/running T, shorts, and socks!

Feeling festive? Get ready to flood Watopia with Pride Ons—rainbow Ride Ons for Pride On fun. Celebrate Pride all year long! Connect with other riders and runners during group rides and runs led by community members around the world.

Lea Davison
Lea is a 2x Olympian from Jericho, Vermont and co-founder of Little Bellas, a mentoring on mountain bikes program for girls.

Chris Mosier
The founder of, Chris is the first known trans athlete to join a U.S. national team competing as his authentic self.

Abby Levene
Abby Levene is a writer, editor, and podcast producer in addition to a professional endurance athlete based in Boulder, Colorado.

Shanaze Reade
The world champion BMX and track racer regularly raced and beat the boys when she was a teenager.

What type of events are these and when are they?
Pride On events include both rides and runs. They’re at a social pace. Rides and runs take place daily during June, from Monday to Saturday.

June 13th is a special day dedicated to AIDS/LifeCycle events. These rides honor the 1.2 million people living with HIV.

About AIDS/Lifecycle
For more than 28 years, AIDS/LIFECYCLE has worked tirelessly to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and funds to help fight this global pandemic. Every spring, the organization famously hosts a seven-day bicycle trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This life-changing journey is going virtual for 2021. Join them for a Zwift ride on June 13th.

Donate to AIDS/Lifecycle here

How is Zwift supporting Pride month?
Zwift is continuing its charitable support of Athlete Ally with a donation of $25,000. And because one month isn’t enough, Pride On events will continue throughout the year!

We encourage those who are willing and able to donate to Athlete Ally or AIDS/LifeCycle at

Internally, Zwift is committed to educating our employees about LGBTQIA+ issues so that we are better allies. Subject experts are leading training sessions and discussions to help us achieve this critical goal.
Join Zwift in celebrating Pride all year long by joining events every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. Sign up for events here.

What is Athlete Ally and what do they do?
Athlete Ally is a non-profit that educates athletic communities at all levels—governing bodies, teams, and individuals—about understanding and removing obstacles to inclusion for LGBTQIA+ people in sports. Athlete Ally also offers guidance on building inclusive communities, teams, and organizations.

About Zwift X Athelte Ally
The admirable and awesome Athlete Ally is in for another Pride! This non-profit educates athletic communities at all levels—governing bodies, teams, and individuals—about LGBTQIA+ inclusion in sports. Once again, Zwift is contributing $25,000 to Athlete Ally to help fund this critical work.

Donate to Athlete Ally here

Why is Zwift supporting Pride month?
We want to work towards making Zwift and sports more inclusive.

Why are there extra colors in Zwift’s Pride On designs?
This year, the inspiration for Pride On drew on multiple designs. The Mosaic pattern provided the overall theme. We borrowed new colors, hues, and tints from numerous LGBTAQI+ flags like the Philadelphia Pride Flag, Daniel Quasar’s Progress Pride Flag, and Monica Helms’ Transgender Flag. All with a single goal in mind: a new design rooted in representation, inclusion, and progression.

That’s a cracking kit. Roll on June so I can wear it.


Thank you for continuing to support events like these towards a more inclusive sport.


Do we get the full kit from finishing just one event? Or do we need to ride multiple events.

Answering my own question.

The wording above is confusing because it talks about unlocking “a piece of kit”, as if you perhaps need to unlock multiple pieces per sport. But the event description says you unlock the jersey and socks by finishing.

Just did a Pride ride, and I must give kudos to Zwift staffer Mollie for being a great ride leader.


Mollie is awesome!! I’ve shared your feedback!

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They should have these IRL. I would definitely rock it