Pride Month 2023 Runs, community-led?

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Can anyone share any thoughts on who leads the community-led runs of Pride Month (2023)? I asked Claire/Head LGBTQ+ Community on Zwift and she confirmed that they/we do take care of the rides, but not the runs. Hence the question here, on her request too. The description in Companion to the Pride Month Runs (2023) state they are community-led and selected events will be led by Community Leaders. If community-led, who schedules and plans the Leaders/beacons for the runs? Or, which group? Is there a need for Run Leaders in the 2023 Pride Month cycle?
Thanks so much for thinking a long and perhaps pointing out where to be with the question(s).

Claire should contact her contact at Zwift that she’s been working with to coordinate ride leaders.

I don’t know the answer as to why we have ride leaders and not runs, but there isn’t really the same concept of leading a run (except messaging) in terms of pacing ( I know this exists but not in the same way).

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As a current run leader it’s very difficult to do to keep all happy. The variation in paces is massive with an accomplished runner possibly going at twice the pace of a newbie.

If you aim in the middle the fast runner will get frustrated at what they consider a walking pace. The slower runner won’t be able to keep up and become demoralised.

It’s for this reason that many group rides end up in races with people wanting to go at a pace that they get something out of the event.

A run leader is effectively someone who can give encouragement and start a conversation…not pace make everybody.


Thanks James for your time, makes sense (both/each), I’ll pass on the message to group/Claire. I believe this should suffice :raised_hands:t4:

I’ve let Leah know to expect an email :slight_smile:

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