Previously completed workout in training plan showing incomplete next session [SOLVED]

UPDATE March 15

We’ve been working on isolating this bug, and the solution is being vetted. If all goes well, we should have this bug squashed in the next game update.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


When it’s fixed will the rides I have done on the training program be credited to it retrospectively?


That’s good to hear - but given that this is going to have lasted over a month by the time a game release has been rolled out and it’s affected so many people, Zwift should really be issuing account credits to those of us that have been affected here.

Bugs happen, but when they’re detracting from the experience in a paid product, users deserve to be compensated for that.


Good to know Shuji - when is the next game update scheduled? - Pretty frustrating if that’s weeks out…


Have I now to start my buildmeup plan all over or can I resume it after the week I did .
It ended for me in week * :hot_face: :sob: :persevere:

Hey all - this bug has been fixed in the game app v1.11.0 that released two hours ago for Windows and MacOS.

iOS / Android / Apple TV versions will be released once Apple / Google clear them. On these mobile OS platforms, if you have disabled auto-update, please visit the app stores and install manually.

Will update the Latest Version thread as the game client is released on all platforms.


Same problem here on the Gran Fondo training plan.

Using a Wattbike Atom next gen with iOS.

Seems to all work perfectly, complete the available workouts, save & they sync to Strava. But then I look at my training plan & they’re either there to complete still, or in the case of the introductory intervals, now say unlocked at 11am tomorrow, even though I’ve just completed it! Screenshots below:

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Hi @Kieran_Dudden welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your session history on our server. As of this morning, your iPad is still running Zwift game version 1.0.63586.

From that iPad - would you visit the App Store and see if the Update button is available? The latest version for iOS is 1.11.0 (1.0.64887)

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Hi Shuji, thanks for this.

I’ve now updated my app, so hopefully this won’t be an issue going forwards.

Is there a way to get this corrected for the activities I’ve done so far, or will I just have to manually mark these as completed?

Manual is the way to go.

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i do the "build me up "workout and since week 4 i am facing the same issue, all my completed workouts are not set to completed in the workout plan.
Week 3 Novanta
Week3 Amalgam
Week4 i skipped
Week5 all 4 Workouts
Week6 15.9
Week6 C.A.

It says solved but it is not. It continues to happen after the recent update.
What a huge disappointment at Zwift support and development team.
Where is the product manager taking the priority decision making?! Choosing to develop unnecessary feature and not to fix such an annoying bug that so many are suffering from it.
Fix this bug already!!!

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Are you 100% positive you are on the latest game version? Others have commented that it is working again on their iOS devices, so it seems to work for them. Note that past workouts will not be credited, this only applies to future workouts once you update to the latest version.

same problem i have to force with run out each time, very frustrated.
Have you solved?

I’m having this problem as well with the FTP builder plan. For example most recently I did the strength work out, week two. The workout was not registered as completed so in zwift I clicked I did it as if outside. Despite this on the Companion app the app is not recognizing that I completed the strength workout. In addition oddly sometimes in the workout plan there seems to be a blank space Where a workout should display.

SOLVED - plus bonus.

For the record, my AppleTV and companion on my iPhone both updated in the last few days and one of them fixed this issue for me. My ride yesterday got marked as done just as expected.

2 things I noticed.

  1. Unfortunately they did not run a correcting script to fill in my history, I am stuck with the lesser way of tracking by marking them all as outdoor workouts, even though the data is in their system and obviously trackable.

  2. Now it does not penalize me for going over efforts, I was a little annoyed by getting no star for going over on power on my final interval/s. This is nice, it allows me to push myself without losing some cred!

Not sure if #2 is a feature or a bug but I personally like it.


This bug has not been fixed. My workouts on latest latest game versions are not showing as completed. I even did one workout twice to no avail. C’mon Zwift.

Are you 100% positive you are on the latest version?

Yes, 1.0.64887 on my iPad.

This problem occurred just several hours ago again, it’s a bit discouraging to say the least. I’m doing 6 weeks Beginner FTP Booster plan.
Also I am very new to the app, so one morning I just jumped on the bike while still half-asleep, pushed the first suggested workout option, to realize 10 minutes into the ride that it was a workout I finished the day before =_= But oh, it was not recorded as complete, although it was successfully uploaded to my activities and Strava.