Power meter help

Hi all Zwifters.

So currently really enjoying zwift. Moved up pretty quickly to CAT B but really struggle at the starts. I believe my Saris Mag+ dumb trainer only puts out 400w max…Not really sure i want to spend out on a smart trainer as only just brought the Saris.

Would a power meter be a decent step up and more accurate?

Many thanks

hi @stephen_sharp9124

The graph below show the power curve for your trainer. If the trainer can’t produce the resistance then a power meter won’t be able to measure more than the trainer can produce. So in short no a powermeter wont help.


A powermeter and a fluid trainer will be a better option.

This is a power curve of a typical Fuid trainer.

Thanks for the reply.

Fluid trainer? is that different to a smart??

Maybe be better to bite the bullet and go for something like the Elite Zumo??

Can always sell my 3 week old dumb trainer.

Fluid is still a dumb trainer, but it can generate a lot more resistance.

Depends on your needs. If you ride a lot outdoor and want a Powermeter then a dumb trainer (with lots of resistance) is a good option, you can use the powermeter indoor and outdoors.

If you ride indors most of the time then a smart trainer is lots of fun.

never ride outside tbf…only been riding since Christmas. Maybe a smart meter is the way to go.

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