Power curve check versus cheating/bad setup

(Nigel Van de Velde) #1


I think it would be a good idea to check a rider’s power profile during or after a ride and compare it against known realistic values such as described by A. Coggan:

You could ask each rider to rate their cycling abilities periodically on a scale of 1 to 5 or something and then automatically check their values with the corresponding ones in the table above.

When their values exceed these benchmark values, Zwift could guide them to improve their setup or maybe put a cap on their power output during the following activities. Untill now there are lots of people that just don’t realize that their power output is unrealistic and that it makes the game less enjoyable for others.

This shouldn’t be to hard to implement I guess, as these values are already shown after each ride.

I realize you can’t expect everyone to buy a smart trainer or powermeter, but I guess this could improve Zwift for everyone.

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(John Watson) #2

At least for the USA cycling categories above its possible to verify categories based on the racer’s USAC id number.