Power and zPower on/off for events

We need zPower on/off for a given race as an option for the organizer, we can then have:

1 zPower only races

2. mix races

3. real power only races

This will give racing a hole new flavour, a lot of riders are falling off and have bad experience in racing due to one or more riders who has not adjusted correctly and calibrated there zPower. It’s easy to fool others with zPower. It appears that many riders leverage this weakness in your system to win or do well in races.

I don’t see the point - the same argument can apply to smart trainers if not calibrated, and to anyone if people don’t specify their real weight.

Agreed not sure it matters…unless racing is real-real…and it’s not there yet. We’re still all just doing it for training etc. When there are real prizes and outside-of-zwift recognition for results then yes this…but also calibration of PM and smart trainers then, not to mention some way of confirming weight! I’m a “B” rider FTP ~3.6 w/kg so there may be people faster due to z power but I don’t mind if they are too fast they will upgrade; if in my category it’s a category.

Hi all,

Although this is not currently on our road map, it is something we are actively looking into and discussing. I’ll add in this thread to our discussion as well. Thank you! 

Ya, everyone is dumping on zPower when there are people using uncalibrated smart trainers or adjusting their weight to cheat. Just because you have a smart trainer does not mean it is accurate. Most trainers have a +/- of 5-10% when calibrated, just think how bad they are when not calibrated at all. I moved from a smart trainer that broadcasts watts to a power meter and found my trainer was off by about 15 watts while I am in zone 2, I am sure there would be much more disparity at higher watts. 

It’s funny how the people with smart trainers look down on zPower users when they are just as guilty. This is why it’s so silly when people are taking racing so seriously on Zwift. 


Zpower is real. Fluid trainers are much, much different than mag trainers and rollers. My Kinetic is set at 1%. so I never get a 0%. And all the smart riders I have ever known keep the realism level at 50% or lower. A friend of mine rode box hill on the 100% level one time (and never again). He was much slower. I think a lot of racers have theirs set on the lowest level.

There really is no place for Zpower racism. If you are that sure it is faster, get a dumb trainer. Stop making excuses.