Power and Heart Rate zones

Power and Heart Rate zones.
I have a hard time trying to find a way to understand how zones are spanned over my power and heart rate zones.

When I ride, I’m at 165W average. Peak at 637W for a couple of seconds but usually riding at 200W. 165W is because we start at 80, 90, 100, etc to get to 200W.

But when I do that, my heart stays from 90bpm to 145, 150bpm. So my watch (Epix Gen 2 Garmin) tells me that my training status is Higher Aerobic Shortage. I get to 150, 155bpm when I jump to 600W.

Even if Indi floor exercise, weights, my heart don’t go very high.

So, for me, going in zone 5 is pretty hard.

What do I don’t understand?
What should I do differently?

How have you set your Max Heart Rate (and the other zones)?

I set it to 180bpm because I think that it is what is usual for my age.
It seems too low.

Other zones are percentages of that value.

220 minus your age is a useless metric for you as an individual. If you do maximum efforts and have had a chance to observe your highest heart rates, just set it to that number. I’m 53 and my max heart rate is in the high 180s.

That’s what I thought but I rarely go into Heart rate zones 5. Even if I work hard, I stay mainly in zone 3 (145bpm) and some zone 4 (155bpm) and my max HR is around 165.

So it affect all my metrics that tells me I don’t work hard enough.

Just speaking from my own experience, try some races that end in a 5-10 minute climb. If you have anyone else nearby who’s challenging you, you will do a max effort and find out what the limit is.

220 - my max recorded heart rate means I’m 46 … I’d take that :joy:.

First thing you should do is actually determine your actual zones. Do an FTP test for power and try a race to find your max heartrate and work back from that. Without knowing the actual zones, training with/in them doesn’t make any sense.