Postponing ZwiftPower Height & Weight Changes [April 2021]

Good news, well done for listening and and changing your stance until it can be implemented properly.

I’m sure this has been said so forgive me for sounding trite. I would question that if somebody really doesn’t want to share their weight and height, would they not just be best to refrain from using zwiftpower and sticking to racing in zwift only? They would still have the same experience - they could even look on ZP to see how they would have stacked up. It’s a shame that w/kg is such a strong determinant of cycling performance, but it is what it is. If people want a sport that doesn’t rely on providing visible height and weight, perhaps virtual cycling racing isn’t the one for them. That will perhaps sound a little harsh.


Upon reflection, I will suggest that the storm and fury are not about being able to see the height and weight data.

What this is about is the frustration we are feeling after years of asking Zwift to please help prevent cheating and prevent people from joining incorrect categories to race, what we get is Zwift saying they are removing a tool that we are (in some desperation) using to help prevent cheating.

And that coming after Zwift takes over the most significant tool (ZwiftPower) we use and seems fairly blase about how well it works or what its future will be.

Zwift, we are past the point where just “postponing” things are going to calm people down.

You need to articulate exactly what your plans WRT to community racing are.

Are you going to support it and make it better?

Or should we simply look for greener pastures?

The suggestion that “for the time being …” seems to imply that like all Zwift developments at best we will be stuck where we have been for the last five years.


Coupled with the reversal of English (football/soccer) teams participation in the European Super League, this has made my week!


Status Quo :tada: :champagne:

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Oh here we are and here we are and here we go
All aboard and we’re hitting the road
Here we go, Zwiftin’ all over the world

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If people want a sport that doesn’t rely on providing visible height and weight, perhaps virtual cycling racing isn’t the one for them. That will perhaps sound a little harsh.

…or there could be some forms of virtual racing which rely on providing visible weight and height, some forms which are “Pure Power” races, where everyone is given the same nominal weight and height, and some forms where your weight is averaged over what you’ve had in Zwift over the past 3 months or so.

To make the most of virtual racing as a sport for all, we don’t need to limit ourselves to only having one set of rules and only one form of racing.

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In indoor rowing there are “lightweight” and “heavyweight” divisions. All you need to do is say whether you’re lighter than 75kg/61.5kg or not.

e.g. Concept2 Logbook | Search Rankings

But beyond that, indoor rowing is a pure power endurance sport. There’s no calculation of CDA for example, and height is never asked for. It’s just the power at the erg flywheel that matters. (OK, maybe stroke rate too, but you get my point I’m sure. :smiley: )

I don’t think it would be as acceptable for cycling though. Obviously, rowers never have to go up or down hills. The speeds are generally lower and aerodynamic drag is less of a factor.

I guess there could potentially be a small number of “weight bands”, maybe similar to boxing in that respect. We wouldn’t know competitors’ exact weight, only which band they fall in. It’d depend on the range of the bands though.


I can only echo the previous comments to say, this reconsideration is appreciated and the comment below is also encouraging. The racing community are on the whole happy to collaborate and shape development in a way that ensures a positive experience.

I also agree with these suggested approaches going ahead, I don’t think these were every really in question and seem like sound, sensible ways to “address harassment and further safeguard the health and wellbeing of the Zwift Community”

My hope will be that the racing community can now use this post to come up with constructive suggestions as to how weight & height can bu utilised within ZwiftPower in particular which works for the racing and ‘casual’ Zwifting community.

Like @Daren’s weight banding approach above. This is a valid consideration which could hide ‘actual weight’ if this is the concern, while still giving ZP users the ability to evaluate performances and research the competition.


Thank you for listen to our concerns.


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I think, in the interests of fairness, they are going to hide the number of separate posters in the thread.


how else will virtual speed be calculated ( and verified ?)

As an heavier athlete, why do sports like rowing boxing, judo… have weight categories to offset the advantage of being heavy, but not other sports where being lighter has an advantage ?

many of us would not consider 75kg heavy ! :wink:


I’d guess it’s about the damage that can be caused and resilience? I dunno, was it a rhetorical question? :smiley:

inb4 the “Heavyweight High Jump”

Thank you Zwift for listening to us racers. All we want is fair play, category enforcement, and transparency. Hopefully some of the updated future changes will help racing on the platform and results on Zwift Power.

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Pfff. Sigh. Unbelievable. Such great leadership! You guys have no clue what you’re doing, do you? How about host another “anti-sandbagging” race? LOL. Zwift and fairness should not be mentioned in one breath. “Competition” on Zwift is a joke

The right decision of course … but now the work begins .

Is this new ?