Posting Up :)

I’d love to see avatars posting up at the finish line :smiley: It’s a small thing, and it’ll be in the ‘never happen because there’s a thousand other things in front of it’ bin. But I’d still like to see it. And given how fast things are happening in a race, it might be that the system would only allow it if first place was crossing the line with a big enough gap. It could even happen just after the line if it needed to, that would still be cool.

There could be a rotating set of post ups, or you could pick one from a set for your avatar to do each time. You could even have some of the cooler ones unlockable by doing something or other (some of Peter Sagan’s classics). Posting post up pics onto social just might become a thing, like FTP increase pics. Just saying.

(It might be even better if it was a button you had to push, so it took your focus from the race and gave you the chance to get pipped at the line, lol. But no one would use that version. Better to make it automatic.)

This assumes the game knows who’s crossing the line first. :upside_down_face:


For sure. That might mean that the eventual winner isn’t the one who posts up, lol. I’m fine with that. It would be a minor thing, just for visual cool factor.


I want my avatar to do some major overly dramatic celebration when I come in last, ha, that would be funny.

Unlocking certain poses for doing certain things is interesting, I mean, maybe the drop shop can let you buy poses, or celebrations? Some more personalizations to your avatar in terms of movement would be interesting.


Buying post ups could be another way to get them, yeah. You could wheelie across the line, do the hula or the running man, point to the sky, point to your chest/logo, hands to the head, Juan Flecha’s archer, finger guns. The list is long. :slight_smile:

Can I throw my helmet and tear apart my bike if I lose? Maybe shake my fist at the clouds?

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What if you’ve only won 1 race in 4 years of zwift racing? (asking for a friend)

Can we wheely from 38th place too?


Who knows, with DQs 38th might be the winner

Oh, so maybe a “Rage Quit” animation if you get dropped and disconnect from a race. That’s the one you can throw your bike and helmet and stomp on the spokes.


you get off your bike, throw your helmet, and walk through the finish line

But the game does know who is crossing the finish line first. It’s the users who sometimes do not. :wink:

Would love to see wheelies, no matter what they were for.

I see this turning out a bit like the flame socks. You’re just in a peloton of riders posting up with flames everywhere.

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Right, the post up would have to be limited to:

  1. Overall winners of races
  2. Winners of bunch sprints when there is a sufficiently large gap between bunches

Maybe certain things, like wheelies, could be triggered voluntarily for individual riders. Or maybe some subset of finish line celebrations could be triggered in other instances. If the traditional ‘arms up/arms out/finger point/box around the logo on the chest/hands to head screaming’ celebrations were limited to the winners, then other things, like wheelies, could be triggered by

  1. PRs on a course
  2. Hitting a new power max for the race duration
  3. Highest place race finish (even ‘highest in X days’)

The winner isn’t known until at least some minutes after the finish, sometimes 24 hours or more

But in any case…

Yeah, that would be fine with me–if the avatar of someone at the front of the race who appears to have won posts up each time, I’d be happy :smiley:

Any or all of these could be used.

How about when you win a temporary sprint, kqom, or segment jersey?

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Maybe a slight fist pump or reverse nod if you get a PR on a sprint/kqom/segment?

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