Race celebration for 1st across the line

Have the avatar of the one first across the line in a race have an arms out celebration or something similar. It might help tell who was first in the event of a photo finish.

finish line celebration, sound cool.

I was thinking of something similar on sunday at the end of the race.

when the race/ride end the results come up immediately after you cross the line, to me this takes away some of the fun crossing the line. it will be nice if there was just a button at the bottom that you can click if you want to see results otherwise the results will only show once you come to a stop.


Maybe this should only happen if the winning rider is at least half a bike length ahead on the line. :smiley:

No one throws their arms up unless they actually have time to celebrate. Well some do, but then get pipped on the line - hilarity ensues. :wink:

For those really close photo finishes, the winner would only be able to put their hands up after they’ve flown past the line, and that would look naff.

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Maybe the winner can throw his bike forward or go in a really aggressive sprint position, but it will be difficult to do if the race is close. But a celebration afterwards will be nice.

I think there should be a virtual podium that we see before the full scoreboard too. =)


Celebration, podium and replay of finish!

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It would be nice if there were a delay between crossing the finish line and the results screen popping up and blocking the view.

Or maybe a small badge or medal pops up on the side of the screen showing your place in category as your avatar crosses the line, and then you click the badge/medal to bring up the full results.


All of this, plus the little respectful handshake between rivals / the loser banging the bars in frustration!

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Yes! Agree!

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This… a virtual podium would be great for each Cat and perhaps the full results are on the side of the screen so everyone can still see how they finished. Or virtual podium and the ability to click back and forth between the podium view and the finish board would be even better.

Agreed. I hate winning the narrowest of sprints and then having the view blocked immediately y the finishers board. I want at least 10 more seconds (prefer 30 seconds) to see how the rest of the group comes across. I am always so gassed at the finish line I really cannot comprehend a finishers board that is full of data anyhow right away.

Another item would be to go to a static camera view once you cross to see a head on view looking back at how the others finish behind after you have come across… then go to a podium view and allow the user to be able to click back and forth between podium and finish board.

And the real ultimate would be to allow replay of the finish from any camera angle - 360 degree view. How about that!!! OK for now maybe the ability to see a replay from any of the standard camera angles would do.