Please add the national Belarusian Flag

Hey! More and more Belarusians are joining virtual training, but I am confused that in the country selection settings, Belarusians see only the “official” dictatorial flag.

To understand our context, this flag has a very controversial attitude among Belarusians as it is primarily associated with the dictatorial regime of Lukashenko and Putin’s ally in the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, for a long time, Belarusians have been using the white-red-white flag to identify themselves. This is a national cultural flag that has nothing to do with repression and the occupation regime in our country. Also, this flag was official when the Belarusian People’s Republic was proclaimed, and when Belarus separated from the USSR (those before the establishment of the dictatorship and the fictitious referendum)

Please provide Belarusian cyclists to choose their flag as the Irish can, for example. And so as not to be verbose, just study the whole context of our country to understand how important it’s for us.


I’m with @Pustavitau on this. As a fellow Belarusian, I think it’s important we all get to show our true colours in Zwift. If we could choose the white-red-white flag, that would be awesome. I’m all for it and will give a ‘ride on’ to anyone I see flying it.


Got my vote, this one sounds like a pretty easy decision.


As another Belarusian rider, I 100% agree with what is stated in this post. When I use Zwift, I have to use other countries’ flags, like many of my friends do, which is a shame because the whole point of flags is to recognize and cheer for your compatriots, not to feel ashamed of it.


As a Ukrainian rider I fully understand and support the will of Belarusian riders to be represented by a proper flag. Got my vote!


Slava Ukraini my friend.