Pain-cave photos/equipment ideas

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Be inspired. Be very inspired.


You could say that my set-up is an exercise in making the most of a very small space. :grin:

Wall to wall (bike-length wise), it’s only 2m22cm (7ft 3in?). When I’m not riding, the fan is stored just out of the way to let me walk from my bathroom to my kitchen.

A few items I’ve made in the three years since I started zwifting:

  • I built a variable angle ‘foot’ for the fan unit to have it as close to me as possible while still pointing in exactly the direction that cools me the most when backed up against a wall. Wahoo designed it with just two angle settings and advise having it much farther away from the rider, but I don’t have the space.

  • The screen stand is made from heavy, galvanized steel pipe and various connectors, plus a combination of mic-stand and boom arm components, ending in a VESA plate for the screen. I couldn’t use a wall-mount unit due to lack of space and none of the commercially available stands took up as little floor space or would allow my front wheel to move (steering), so the design was just borne out of necessity.
    The galvanized pipe and connectors are sold locally for making quirky furniture and not for construction scaffolding, but they are extremely dense, making this one massive boat anchor. There’s no screen wobble, despite it being on a relatively thin wooden-joisted floor in an old building. I cut all the pipe to length with a simple, manual pipe cutter and a few hours of sweating at a workbench. Not very elegant, but it does the job. (I had my iPad mounted on a K&M tablet holder on top of the boom arm before I went ATV and now PC.)

  • A final but very important part of my apartment set-up are the cheap, heavy rubber mats sold to go under washing machines to absorb vibrations. I cut some to size for my needs, with three layers under my KICKR and one under the Sterzo Smart. With some additional thin layers of foam rubber added in between here and there, I was able to get the front and back axles to exactly the same height off the ground.

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I think Mark Lewis should roast your paincave @Daren


Ha, my setup is so much worse than everyone else’s. I’m literally using the cardboard boxes my kickr core came with as my table top to hold my iPad. Maybe I’ll get a table someday.


Ah, but that’s the important point in all of this: the only thing that matters, really, is getting on the pedals and riding, right? It doesn’t matter what gear and what space we use, as long as they don’t get in the way of logging on and getting a sweat on. From the sounds of your BMU thread info, you’ve got the right priorities.


Bumping this for two reasons.

First, since switching from the iPad on the Tacx handlebar mount to the TV on the wall (it’s now a 4k OLED, total overkill - I love it), I took the upper part of the tablet mount off and it still works great just to hold the cell phone:

…and second: show us your latest pain-caves!

Aaron! You sound like a prime candidate for the Tacx Tablet mount! :wink:

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Maybe I’ll add it to the b-day wishlist - My amazing “cardboard box mount” also holds nutrition and remote controls, so I’d have to shift things around a bit I think :slight_smile:


Coco says hi

I keep trying


Every Zwifter should have one of these:

They were a lot cheaper (like $65) when I got mine last year, but it’s still a lot cheaper than the Wahoo fan and probably better. It’s not silent but I think it’s quiet enough to use indoors… but I usually ride with earbuds and don’t hear it at all.


Very nice.

I’m going to add an aviation them to my pain cave.

My office at home has framed all the vintage Boeing 707 adverts from the late 1950s, from launch and into entry to service.

My pain cave will have posters for General Electric GE4 turbojet (for B2707) and Bristol Olympus turbojet for Avro Vulcan.

They just need to be framed and hung on the wall.

New mounting hardware (Bontrager Blendr Duo base, Garmin low mount) arrived, as well as the Foothill Products Trainer Tray with Out Front Mount, replacing the Tacx Tablet Mount with phone tray.

Several rides into it, loving the Trainer Tray. It’s super easy to remove and install when taking the bike outside. The additional “out front” mount would put a Garmin Edge right where I’d want it. (planning to add that this season instead of using sport watch)

I’m really curious how most people mount or store their phones when using the Companion App. Desk in front or beside the bike? Handlebar mount?

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Cheap phone case from eBay with some slots cut in for velcro straps, which hold it to the stem. Bit of foam underneath was needed to fill the gap, total cost was about £3. I just snap my phone into the case, works perfectly. Out front mounts don’t work for me because I use a towel draped across my handlebars.


2 fans: one mounted to the floor joists above and one on the floor. 3 screens: left for discord or course maps, upper, music/videos, lower for riding game(s).

ZCA: used to work on my Hammerhead k2 on my bars but now I’m back to my phone on the storage tubs to my right.


Velcro on stem for 8’ tablet.

Edit: pic from the shed - can just see the white velcro under tablet.

Note - the SurfacePro is not used for Zwift and I’d never recommend one - it runs network diag stuff and Spotify / VLC while riding.

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I have the same trainer. I have an Apple TV 4K module and a 4K monitor on the wall, and on the bars I have a holder for the I-phone. It is fantastic. Sometimes I want to warm up or do a high intensity fitness session, guess what. I ride intensely for 15 minutes, get off the bike, lift weights, do squats, get back on the bike, repeat in fifteen minutes. I live in one of the best places in the world to road bike on Skyline Boulevard in Palo Alto, also one of the best places to Gravel Bike, and I just want variety on the trainer. What I like to do, watch Apple TV Music videos once I get off the bike, it is a blast, on the bike, Zwifting, off the bike, Music Videos it is a blast. I have a rule, if I Zwift, I have to go out and ride. Zwift is not a substitute for me, it is augmentation tool. I like the short rides with planks and gravel and cobbles the best for the road feel. I think the climbs are harder on Zwift. I like climbing. I have some favorite California Climbs, all spectacular, nothing climbs as beautifully as the North Entrance of Big Basin State Park.

Same trainer as …??? Pic or it didnt happen.

Decided this looked pretty shite so I bought a new case. :rofl: Same principle though. This one cost a fiver.

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I’m really curious how most people mount or store their phones when using the Companion App.

Nothing fancy. Can’t take a pic because my phone is my camera… but I got a cheap (~$3) “waterproof” phone case from Amazon and some stick-on Garmin mount adapters, and I put it on my out front mount.

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And… he did, LOL

Skip to 2:15 for Daren’s roast


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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