Pace Partners Weekly Update - WC 18th July

Once the “ride with” functionality is someday restored, would there be any difference in using this option and picking a PP, versus doing the same but going thru the homescreen PP menu?

Ride With didn’t automatically route you on the same course as the person you chose to ride with. PP will put on same route

Bringing up an issue mentioned in last week’s PP Weekly Update, I saw the “turn with pace partner” UI a couple of times about an hour into my ride this morning. If I hadn’t caught it, I would have lost the connection with the PP. I think it is related to starting with one PP and switching to another PP.

I started my ride with a C PP on the Three Little Sisters route and rode with that group for about 40 minutes, then dropped off to ride solo for a while on the Desert Flats before connecting with a D PP. On the next turn “Desert Turnaround/Epic KOM”, the Epic KOM was selected by default as expected. However, at the “Epic KOM/Titan Grove” turn the default was routed away from the group and showed the “turn with pace partner” popup turn UI.

I suspect Zwift had me on the original route with the C PP rather than the new D PP route. Screen shots below.


Interesting, and great detective work!

I’ve also experienced this but, looking back to when it happened, I didn’t try to swap between PPs in one ride. Instead, I’d warmed up with a D PP then quit and saved that ride and started a new ride with C.

But presumably (I can’t remember) it was still one Zwift session - I can’t remember when we were able to switch rides without needing to restart the whole program?

Anyway, I wonder if there’s something which hangs about like you say and routes incorrectly based on the first PP selected…

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You won’t be automatically routed with a PP unless you choose them from front screen so if you swap to another one, you’d need to manual route to follow them - whether it’s a feature or fault is up to how you interact with the game. There’s an argument that you shouldn’t automatically pick up a PP route if you end up in their draft because it might take you off your own planned course at last minute. A button would be most helpful, probably at next turn that gives the usual directions but adds a “follow PP?” option as well