Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

Would be great if one can have it’s own avatar as a pace maker. So based on your best time on a certain route, you could add x% to that time and try to follow “yourself + x%”.

Tuesday we had AA and CC, today we have BB and DD. So we can assume the following:

Mon. Wed. Fri. you can ride with BB and DD
Tue. Thur. Sat you can ride with AA and CC

But what about Sunday and does this stay the same every week? Are BB and DD available on Sundays and then repeating on Monday, or does it switch every other week?


Ditto. I would like to know if Pace Partners draft. It feels to me like they do. I was doing a ride with Amelia the other day, mostly just me and the bot, then a very strong rider joined. My effort to keep up with the bot increased as this stronger rider took the lead. Amelia seemed to be drafting at a steady 3.4 w/kg. Pulling at 3.4 w/kg is slower than drafting at 3.4 w/kg. Would love to hear from Zwift on this subject. Thank you.

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i definitely think they are able to draft. i rode with coco, and was out front with a small group pushing 3.0-3.2 w/kg, and coco was with a bigger group. eventually, they caught and coco passed me, even though i was still doing 3-3.2 – and she was doing 2.5.


Zwift worlds would be overcrowded with bots then, I guess;) If the intention is to improve your own timing, a non-draftable bot / “invisible ghost rider” might be a better choice. For now, you can use a TT bike, and ride with one of the pacing bots as a benchmark.

I had the same experience last night, but it was with Brevard … would have felt a lot better if it was Amelia!

I think you’re right. They draft. That’s a cool feature.

Subscriptions are expensive…

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Logged on at 0610 BST on Monday, (0510 UTC) to find just Bowie Brevet about 600 miles into his shift - had a great ride with them. No sign of Dan.
But why was Bowie still on course when the schedule says he should have quit at 0330 UTC and not started again until 0530 UTC?

Am I missing something?

Quicker recovery plan?


This is definitely not the case, but it would be funny if the pace partners are just 4 computers running copies of Zwift using Ant+ simulators to provide power. So an employee has to manually start and stop the ant+ simulators every morning/night.

“Dangit Jim! You left Bowie running last night.”


@Mike_Rowe_PBR FYI all 4 pace partners are available today, and some route changes now (e.g. CC on Waistband + Zwift KOM reverse). Awesome!!!



Saw this, too - sweet!

What is “Carpe Ride Ones!

I see Bowie say it often!

Is it supposed to be like Carpe Diem, seize the day?

i guess it’s better than crappy ride-ons?


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Seems to vary - 3 of them a few hours ago

I also wanted to suggest permanent coloured dots for them on the map on Zwift Companion app. Permanent as in no matter how close they are to you or where they are in Watopia.
I tried to ride with Coco but got dumped at the usual Tempus spawn point. I had to ride up and down trying to spot her and it is very challenging with all the blue workout screens, blue and white kits and blue tron bikes.


looks like we got a couple more updates to pace partners:

  • name is green on the rider list now, with an icon to boot! easier to tell them apart
  • “close the gap” is about the bot now, which is helpful!
  • there’s some sort of multiplier the longer you ride with the bot, either for drops or xp, wasn’t sure
  • bot can’t win jerseys any more
  • i couldn’t tell if the icon on the map changed or not

I think having all four pace partners available 24/7 is a great idea… it enables riders to get a mini group ride experience and/or something to chase no matter when they sign in. I also like the idea of having all four of them visible on the map so you can navigate to them if you spawn someplace else. Really cool new feature!

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