Pace partners are completely useless now

Perhaps anyone who wants to ride with a Pace Partner, but thinks the new speeds are too slow, should just switch to a TT bike. Wouldn’t this, then, make them have to put out closer to the same effort as the PP?


This is quite true, and always was an option for that large number of riders who frequently requested additional Pace Partners traversing Watopia at paces between the existing levels. However, this solution, also completely eliminates the ability of (especially newer) riders to develop group-riding skills in the manner that I describe above. Being able to develop the skill to remain at a given location WITHIN a peloton (or in relation to the PP) cannot easily be accomplished with the PP in Time-Trial mode as it would require a rider to pace herself on a different rider in the group. The so-called “washing-machine” effect (moving in small circles within the peloton), disconnected from a PP who is not experiencing the same “game physics” as oneself, would be difficult if not impossible to simulate, while still remaining within the drops-multiplier zone. The carrot-stick incentives (gamification) are removed. Might as well just go into erg-mode and count kilojoules. The article linked above to Zwift-Insider illustrates the effect well. The implications, to me, overall are negative. That said, I re-up my support for an individual user to be able to dial-in a Personal Best (PR) pace partner, to shadow one’s pace up the Alpe, for example. Do we need both modes? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Most find it difficult to keep a precise pace with a give PP at first, and then develop the feel. Now, there is backlash for those who dislike the change. I’m sure there are many out there who are experiencing benefits in these summary, un-announced changes. I support massive expansion of the PP programme.

So basically now you can test yourself by joining the pace partner on a time trial bike and matching their wattage?

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Sure, but there is no draft, so you’re just riding a TT bike with someone else with no draft.

I think this a good idea. I shall try it on my next ride. Now, if only there was some way to select the garage before starting a ride.

Obviously you go a bit faster on the TT bike but at least your w/kg will be consistent. The problem with this change is the size of the group will affect your w/kg (more riders means more draft so less w/kg) and so will the hills. You can now ride with the B pace partner at 2w/kg on the flats but you will still need to do to stay with them up hills so the idea of a consistent pace is thrown out the window.

Give us some pace partners at different power levels doing different routes:

Why not have a 4.2w bot that only does tempus fugit or tick tock?

Or even a 4.7 that does the same? Maybe a 3.5w bot that only rides the flat courses.

I did have an impromptu group form up and we rode away from C at a recovery level of effort holding a steady 39-40km/h.

Riding at the same pace as the bot meant doing 1.5w or even rolling at 0.8w which is just no use. If you ride at 2.5w (the advertised pace) and then zoom away then it doesn’t really make sense.

It’s not for lack of riding experience or not knowing “techniques”.

Edit: I actually did ride with A this morning, it was a lot easier. I did average 240w and rode away from them.

I also noticed that the course rotations appear to have stopped again. All the levels should get equal opportunity to experience the different courses and terrain.


It appears that zwift is just for the Super racer rider and not the many.

You need to remember that a lot of people who ride on zwift are still new to the program n are not top notch racing snakes.

That is why zwift produced 4 Pace Partners at different WKG settings. So that all could enjoy and use them.

Coco is not a race pace ride just for the Super riders…just because she rides the flat desert route and you can clock up massive rides very easily in a draft. That just makes you uncompetative in my mind.

If you want to push boundaries you go up an join the B pace Bot n do the hills, - “but it’s not fair it’s not flat” you cry… So what that’s called cycling. There are hills out there to ride.

People who are learning zwift n starting out deserve to be able to use all zwift facilities including Coco.

If you don’t want to play fair then go to B. It’s not just about YOU.

rant over.

Pace Partners are still being tested. Yesterday Futureworks have been testing Pace Partners with no draft. The test was definitely a fail so I assume they’re going to go back to normal soon. For more information check out Zwiftinsider

I agree with this sentiment to a certain degree but this morning was an exercise in frustration. I initially joined Coco after reading that she was back to the original settings but once I joined, I was riding at 120w to stay with her (60w lower than usual). I thought that’s fine, I’ll join B instead so switched there. NOPE, I was doing 240w and getting dropped on the flats!

Zwift, at least be consistent!!!

Good idea

a constant “pace” as in speed rather than power would be better. ( or brakes !)
As a heavier rider I often go away from Dan on Decents, having slowed to a crawl up the hill.

Agreed. Riding with the 1.5w (D) is way too slow. I’m sitting out front pulling 1.0w/kg and the pace partner can’t catch up.
Go up to 2.5 and I get left behind. The gap feels huge and the pace set both both seems off.