Overview of available workouts on zwift homepage

(Andreas Fichtner) #1

Dear zwifters,

I really like our workouts, but for me it would be helpful, if i can see a list of all available workouts for example on the personal zwift website.

Like a menue, where you can plan, what you would ride in the evening.

Actually you have to build up your hole equiqment, pair your power meter and so on, and then you could look, what is available.

Or - what i do - dwonload the workout-overview from dcrainmakers blog. But this is compromise.

ride on

Andreas Fichtner

(Mark Hewitt) #2

Somone on the Zwift riders facebook group has made a pdf I think. But in general you’re completely right, the Zwift.com website should be a mine for this sort of information, or even a basic presentation of what Zwift is all about with up to date pictures, available courses, even maps of the courses etc. Instead it has very little and hasn’t been updated for about 6 months the only change I’ve seen is changing the timeline for the iPad app!



(Michael Henasey) #3

I keep this up-to-date as best as I can…