Outfit / Jerseys

Two requests:

  1. Let us change the sleeve length on the jerseys, like on the socks.
  2. Make every special outfit available, if its already a few years old and still in the code. There where so many cool jerseys that each of us might have missed to get by doing a certain challenge or race. Why not make it available after 2 years (or so), by using drops, or even for free via codes?

Blasphemy! Let someone into the cool kids club who wasn’t there when I did that one ride back then that was more or less the same as the other similar rides that can be done that don’t have kit attached to them?! That’s crazy talk.

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Never. those jerseys should be reserved for those ultra special, ultra elite cool kids. (might be tongue in cheek). :wink: No matter that you’ve probably done the ride about twenty times outside of the event. :wink:

That could also be for the triathletes - they can have their sleeveless tops.

Speedos too, or are we drawing a line somewhere?

That would be a step too far. :rofl:

Does anyone still race in those aside from trying to get attention for sponsorship?