Option to Disable Built In Workout Text

Much of the white text that is built into workouts seems to have the aim of encouraging riders who may not necessarily have the experience or mental strength to tackle very difficult workouts. While that level of encouragement can help certain riders, it is very distracting for me, as I would rather just focus on the effort and not be bothered with reading little texts that chime in on the screen giving me congratulations, or telling me to prepare for “hard work ahead” when I can already see the entire workout spelled out for me on the side of the screen.

A simple option to disable workout dialogue would allow riders who prefer the text distraction/encouragement to keep it, but allow riders who dont want to be distracted with reading little encouragements to focus on the efforts.

A heinous example of this is the ramp test. Like…yes! I know it’s going to be hard. I don’t need encouragement every ten seconds to keep going; I need to focus on the effort. All of the reading/distractions actually negatively impact my efforts as it takes me out of my head space.

although often i’m distracted and as I look up the instructions disappear, could there be a way of calling up the last couple of text messages ?