Notifications for upcoming race series?

Agreed very easy to miss things on fb, I’ll take a look at that site you suggested to see how it compares to the linked site I mentioned above.

I have also wondered whether discord server could be better to organise stuff.

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I use Discord a lot for work. Personal view is that stuff gets buried in that too (RGT is good example and thats not a busy server!). But keen for any feedback like this. Cheers

EDIT: I also reached out to @Jesper_ZwiftHacks for his 2 cents worth.


Not sure it is a relevant example, as the community is much smaller, anyway on RGT the solution found, which is basically working well (again considering the smaller community) is an external site dedicated to racing and series like RGT DB

They also added a new ranking system there.

I see this something that could (and should) be replicated in Zwift Power, as a central site where to manage consistently series info is much more convenient for Zwift customers than going around of Facebook/Discord groups trying to find what to do…


Zwiftpower already does far more than RGT db last time I checked but there is possibly some features that are different particularly in the promotion of events.

Your are right: ZP provides a lot more data than RGTDB. However I think that RGTDB (again, considering that the RGT community is much smaller) provides more useful information on top of less data.

Regarding series, the data provided (as well as the way it is presented) by ZP is not useful and is not information based on which to take decisions about which serie to join. It’s just a long list of series, often expired.

For example RGTB categorizes series by ongoing, upcoming and closed: just this would be a useful addition to ZP.

RGTDB also established a different ranking system to better understand how a racer is performing vs competition with similar performances.

Anyway it’s just an example: I think that anything more than the current flat list of serie would be more than welcome by the Zwift racing community.

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ZP already has a league list. Looks like it is incomplete. It seems natural to improve it, but Zwift hasn’t done much with ZP, so I’m not holding my breath.

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We (Herd) have been trying to do an announcement post about each of our race series’ weekly on our facebook group, but it’s pretty cumbersome.

I think that this is something we (Zwift) want to look at in the future and I think the new homescreen will give us the ability to do this to an extent, in terms of recommending events but also look to highlight some community race events/rides also.

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How do you navigate to that page?

Leagues > Click one of the items in the dropdown list > Then you have a “League List” button at the right.


Ah nice.

I went through every league a couple weeks ago and “finished” any that hadn’t been touched for 30+ days so it should be relatively uptodate.


Zwift Hacks seems the perfect place for this, an extra field to filter by series. Not sure how easy that is though, I guess if they get event details directly from Zwift this information won’t exist, but maybe if they use a Zwiftpower API (if one exists??) then this data field might exist since you can see it being surfaced on ZP.


It sure seems like ZP has the data. It knows when a league has been setup, it knows start dates. Asking it to show you what is coming up for the next 2 months would seem simple enough, if only leagues could be setup that far in advance. I guess that is where this idea requires a bigger lift than just a new report from existing data.


Zwift Hacks have added a series filter, not sure where they are getting their information from but great start!

I got a very quick response from Jesper who runs Zwift Hacks.

So it seems that the series that pull through to Zwift Hacks are based on those that ZHQ have defined and linked together as a series, which based on what is currently showing is not many, so not sure how event organisers can ensure that when creating events as a series ZHQ define them as a series and link them together. Any ideas @James_Zwift ?

I strongly suspect it’s done on how we tag events.

We would generally tag with the organiser name, but generally not with the series.

Hmm, curious how Zwift Hacks surfaces them then, I just found @Jesper_ZwiftHacks to tag here so maybe he can provide more insight as to how he surfaces them?

A smaller subset of existing events are grouped into series such as TdZ Stage 1, TdZ Stage 2 etc. My guess is that it is only something used for select events to make it easier to maintain them internally at ZHQ, but as said it is just a guess. It is not done by tagging the events but is a separate data field/attribute. Some events have that series attribute but most do not. See the ‘Series’ filters at Events to see which ones exist currently.

Just for clarity, ZwiftHacks basically have the same data as used by ZCA - except for person identifying data. I just present it differently.

To tie other events into series without ZHQ involvement (which I personally think would not be the best use of their time) and possibly event present upcoming series even before the first events appear in the calender, it would require building some extra data structures, the tools to maintain them, and of course that someone supplies the necessary data, e.g. how to identify by title, tags in the description, or other parameters which events belongs to which series.

I am not opposed to showing the information at ZwiftHacks but I do not have the time needed to build and maintain the tools to let people provide and maintain the necessary data, not to mention monitor and moderating the submissions to avoid problems with spam…

Something which would be easy to implement would be to look for specific tags/text patterns in the description text. It is already possible to filter by #tag at ZwiftHacks, and there is even a brandnew feature where you get a (fast loading) page with just those events having a specific tag in the description, e.g. Events

The issue with tags in the description text is that they very easily become noise to the human eye so it may not be the best way to do it.

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Thanks for your input Jesper!
The possibility to use tags is interesting, if we could publicise among the main event organisers that using a hashtag such as #series would get those events pulled through to Zwift Hacks under series view this would be interesting, this still relies on an individual to supply the correct information however most organisers running a series will be thinking about how to best promote their series so this could be part of their promotional tools.

Hey everyone, I put something like this together, I’ve got more information on this topic: List of Upcoming Events/Race Series

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