No Linux support yet?

Another vote for Linux. The Windows 11 upgrade problems may create more votes - time for Zwift to get ahead of the curve.

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+1 for Linux.

My old laptop is currently running Windows 10, but within some years, everyone will be forced to get Windows 11. Since the laptop doesn’t meet the (ridiculously high) requirements, I’ll be forced to try a lightweight Linux within some years (for the first time) (or I should buy a new laptop, but yeah, ain’t having money for that now …).

I think there might be lots of people in the same situation.


+1 for linux !!

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They have the android client wich IS built on linux, so it’s just a calculated descicion from the share holders IMO.

Re Lutris : It doesn’t update properly, so every time there is an update you have to uninstall and reinstall - but it does make it work on linux.

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Windows 11 will retire alot of old pc’s. Many of those pc’s will migrate to linux. Your user base running on linux will grow. You need to consider porting zwift to linux. People like me may begin to create their own zwift and begin competing with you. :slight_smile:


Ya, that’s not true at since Windows EOL is currently scheduled for Oct 14th 2025. By then a lot of people will naturally purchase new PC’s that will run Win11 without issue.

+1 on Linux Native App. Honestly setting it up in Lutris is not a big deal, and personally haven’t had any problems with updates, or weird crashes, or even lag using the companion app.

My “beef” is the lack of bluetooth control of smart trainers with Lutris (WINE), I know that is not Zwift’s problem, that is why a native app would be a better choice.

And to be fair, dual booting is a thing, but i would very much like not having to waste “half a drive” for windows; plus it also carries some details that new comers to linux could get tangled on.

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Hello ,
+1 for Linux native App.
I’m running in a 64-bit prefix with Windows 10 emulation set and I am still getting a warning I should (must) upgrade my Windows version to Windows10… !

please ZWIFT users want a linux app


I use Linux and because Linux is not supported I’m forced to use Zwift on an Android tablet. :angry:


+1 for Linux support

no way to get the emulated version working with Bluetooth or ANT+ and working it around with Companion isn’t ideal.

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Please share Zwift source code as GPL or Apache and community will port Zwift on Linux-based platforms

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They’re currently in the process of reducing the number of supported operating systems.

+1 Linux support. For now Lutris works OK, I didn’t have any problems with it. I would love to see native Linux support. :+1:

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Don’t want to go into dual booting again. I solved most of my Windows issues with virtual machines, unfortunately 3D games don’t work there…

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Do you have ant+ Devices working there?


with new zwift (update 1.21)
i have this error when i install with Lutris or directly (with wine) : “this application could not be started. you must enable the .net framework…”
After the i close window with this message, the instalation of zwift wait.

thanks for help

Hi Charly,
You need to install the WebView2 runtime. Search for that, download it on the Microsoft website. Select the evergreen standalone installer.
During Zwift installation, uncheck the box to create a link.
It should work.

Hello thanks for reply.

I have install webwiew runtime.
But for Help me , wath is your wine version? And you use DotNet 4.8 or other version?

I use lutris- and wine-7.0-0.1rc2.fc35 for now. Lutris downloaded dotnet for me.

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