New Zwifter, bought basic recumbement, what wireless options can I use to connect sensors?

(Jeff L) #1

Hello, new Zwifter here!  I found this app yesterday and ordered the “Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Desk Exercise Bike” on Amazon last night.  

The use case for purchasing this Recumbent was to attempt to use this as a replacement desk, I work from home often and am planning to spend approximately 8 hours per day on a bike while working, this was the only option I could locate that would meet this requirement (back support seat and desk for a laptop)

I looked at the Peloton and Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes, which were awesome bikes, however either of them offered the requirements (comfort for long duration riding or a desk attachment).

I understand a trainer cannot be used with this recumbent, and see there are options for ANT+ and Bluetooth wireless transmitter/receivers, however these appear to be marketed towards traditional bicycles with spokes.

Can anyone recommend what I need to purchase to use with this recumbent in order to get started with Zwift?

Thanks for your time and any advice you can offer!



(Paul Allen) #2

You could use pedal based power meter if one would mount on it. The Garmin Vector 3 is a great option, but the would cost more than your bike. 

A crank based power meter like the 4iiii ( seem to be out of the question.

I think the best option for your setup would be:


(Jeff L) #3

Hey Paul, thanks for the prompt response, I really appreciate it.  Once the bike arrives I’ll learn if the petals are pre-installed and can be removed/replaced.  I understand the petals will cost more than the bike, however that isn’t a deal breaker.

To be honest I wish I could have found a quality bike manufacturer that already has a recumbent desk bike with all the accessories use with Zwift.  If you’re aware of a potential 9am-5pm “desk replacement” recumbent bike on the market please let me know!