New Location - Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town would be the perfect location for a Zwift location. It has everything you could want.

Great views and interesting scenery? Check ! The city centre is really compact and full of iconic landmarks including the most famous one. Table Mountain!

Want a large variety of cycle routes? The super compact nature of the city bowl area means that many of Cape Towns best features can be included in a Zwift map! Without re-scaling the map for zwift, it is only 10km from the iconic waterfront to the cable station on table mountain.

Some interesting potential routes?

  • Cycle up the iconic table mountain! (Artistic license can extend the existing road to go right to the top, giving riders the potential to climb from sea level up to 1000m!)
  • Cycle up the popular cycling hill climb of Lions Head
  • Cycle through the city centre full of parks, restaurants, sky-scrapers, variety of building designs and historical monuments
  • Cycle through the iconic V&A waterfront
  • Cycle along the Cape Town promenade along the Atlantic ocean
  • Cycle through the massive innercity park that is Greenpoint, featuring the impressive Cape Town stadium
  • Plus numerous routes connecting all of these areas, packed with rolling hills, gentle climbs, mountain roads etc.

Adding to all of this, Cape Town is a great cycling city. It hosts the Cape Argus cycle race, the largest mass-start cycle race in the world! and it has a passionate cycling community and growing urban cycling community.

If you like this idea please make your voice heard :slight_smile: If you have some additional ideas on why Cape Town would be the perfect place for Zwift to come to next, please add your thoughts :slight_smile:

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I am all for more roads to ride. I would just not necessarily want a new world. So if they make cape town and incorporate it as an extension of watopia, that would be best imo.

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Since the Cape Town Cycle Tour (in South Africa) is the largest timed cycling event in the world, it would be the next logical world to incorporate into Zwift, unless Zwift decides to go with cities that host WACE races (