New featurs?

Hi all, I am zwifting for a coupla of months now and realy love it. So much that i bought a smart trainer for my doughter, grandson and granddoughter. 

As my doughter is almost blind, I would like a feature wich couls help her a lot. Is there a possibility to create a knob to mark some limits. As she is mostly in EGRmode, it is important that she can stay at the same cadence. I propose a sound (high-low) whiwh sounds when se passes those limits. If for example cadence, power or w/kg could be limited, people could perhaps be more precise. 

Another idea is to make an avatar for handcyclists. I am sure that many handcyclists would appreciate that they can train on zwift as an individu.

Hopefully all of this can become reality.

Grts, Luc

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