Name changed in zwiftpower record/leaderboard

My name in a match was automatically changed in the zwiftpower match record/leaderboard.
My name is not written as such in zwiftpower settings nor in zwift😯 , can anyone explain what “a dedicated” means in the west?

Your name on Zwift/Zwiftpower (“Une💖Bonne🎀Fille”) consists of unreadable characters which in the race ranking converts to “\ud835\udd7e\ud835\udd86\ud835\udd97\ud835\udd97\ud835\udd8e\ud835\udd91\ud835\udd86\ud83c\udf80 une\ud83c\udf52 bonne\ud83c\udf53 fille\ud83e\uddf8”

As you might guess, the Zwiftpower app fails to process and hence “a dedicated” appears which is most likely a short of “a dedicated error …”

Try using a real name or your initials without the special characters and see if it works.

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De antwoorden zijn zo professioneel! :100: Ik wou echt dat het forum een antwoordbeloningsfunctie had!

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