MOuntain and Pretzel route

HI ,I don’t seem to have the mountain route and the pretzel route anymore .

UCI 2015 Worlds is back!

How can get the mountain and pretzel back?



Michael Duim

Thursday is Richmond day. If you wanted the mountain all you had to do is change the date on your computer or edit the prefs.xml file.

Hi guys, 

We definitely don’t recommend changing the time or anything else as it can cause some problems with Zwift software and many other softwares you might have installed in your PC. 

We are looking at some different options for you. 

Stay tuned and Ride On!

Zwift, could you please let’s, users choose which route to ride? As an MTBer who’s starting after a long pause, the Climbs really help me to keep up with my Mates on trail. Cheers! :)