More pace partners instead of 2X same PP with dynamic crap

I’m riding with the Constance pace partner at the moment and on Tick Tock the pace is alright. If it was a slightly less jump uphill it would be almost perfect.

I’m not near death trying to stay with them but at the same time it’s a very solid workout. :slight_smile:

What’s also good is that nobody else is taking off at the front because Constance is fast enough to deter against that.

Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure they’ll get around to doing something eventually :pray:

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That’s a comment more in the direction of pack/race dynamics. I think it’s pretty widely accepted by those who race frequently that the pack speeds are too high and over powered on descents. Hence the testing PD4.0 I think we’re going to have much much more dynamic races once we get that issue figured out. Robo pacer dynamics will likely change a little with that but probably for the better.