More detailed Norseman Info?

The Event page is lacking any real detail about the Norseman event for the uninitiated. It’s six weeks, but how many miles roughly are the workouts and the races over the six week duration? How much climb? Given the reputation of the real Norseman triathlon, I’m assuming some level of FTP or baseline fitness weekly mileage/climb is recommended. What is it? If not, that would also be good to know. I don’t have a treadmill, so can I do the run parts of the race? If not, does that disqualify me? Does anyone know more information who’s done it in the past…or anyone from the Zwift team have any more information? It would be great if the event pages provided more details like this. I’ve found most of the events this year lacking enough information to decide if I want to commit or not.

Make sure you read the comments on the zwiftinsider page. 80% failure rate last year. Gives a good idea of difficulty.

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Thanks Lin. Saw this page too, but it doesn’t go into the details I think are missing. The comments are helpful, but I can’t sign up for something if I have no idea what volume of work to expect over a six-week period.

Thanks Ben…the comments are helpful. Appreciate you pointing those out.