Monthly Missions

Please define “Unique” workouts. Using this term only serves to confuse imo.

It would also be helpful to specify that group rides do/don’t count under the Fit & Fast January Mission details:

Unique = different. i.e. you can’t do the same workout twice and have both count.

Group rides <> workouts

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First event. It is not an actual event, but rather a meet up. I don’t believe meet ups say “Meet up” where it would normally say group ride. This has happened to me if I linger on the home screen for a bit. Seems a bit random though.

@brumohr - Thank you for the feedback. I did try to clarify what defines a unique workout in the top blurb:

Going forward, I will add a little more definition on what qualifies

I see that frequently, too. It has seemed similar to a meetup, though I was never invited to one nor created one. It just looks like a group ride, with only A cat (5.0-1.0 wkg, it says :man_shrugging:), the route name + map (no event or meetup ever does that for me), and 0 people are signed up.

AWESOME! I love evergreen posts and have just added this one to the Resource Wiki.

As someone who doesn’t really care about workouts, I assume I could set up custom workouts with “free ride” sections, and those would count?


Why would someone like that even care about this mission?

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Badge collecting. Just like all the pointless Strava challenges I sign up to.



FWIW, I haven’t done an erg workout in years but did one the other day for this mission. It was fun and actually got me interested in doing more workouts. “Mission accomplished?” :person_shrugging:


I did one last week as well. But I’d be doing them just for the sake of it being “a workout”. I don’t have any training goals or specific focus.

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Just to clarify, if you do a workout during a meetup, does that count?

Not included in the OP but added a few days later.

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Thanks, I will visit here from time to time.

I was led here by Otto_Destruct who responded to my original question:

In one response it seems as if James_Zwift might try and put out a more advanced schedule or something like it in the summer. Maybe you could collaborate?

Otto_Destruct also linked to your resource here:

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Below is a collection of series rides and missions I’ve collected over the past few years.

Series Date Link
Zwift Academy Sep-Nov Zwift Academy 2022
Focus Colors of Pari Nov Focus: Colours of Pari 3-Day Tour Announced | Zwift Insider
Join the Party November “Join the Party” Mission Now Underway for November | Zwift Insider
Pro Training Camp Nov-Jan Zwift Pro Training Camp 2022 | November 21 - January 15
Tour of Makuri Islands Nov 03-30, 2022 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
zFondos - first weekend of every month Nov 28 - Apr 03, 2023 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Ride with Pride Dec 5, 2021 Pride Ride & Run - Pride On 2022 - Zwift
Tour of New York Dec 2020 3-Stage Tour of New York Announced | Zwift Insider
Garmin Never Stop Dec 2021 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Wahoo Climb Jan-Feb 2022 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Tour de Zwift Jan 9 - Feb 12, 2023 Tour de Zwift 2023 - Zwift
Fit and Fast Jan-Feb 2023 “Fit & Fast” Mission Announced for January 3-31 | Zwift Insider
Flat is Fast Jan 2023 “Flat is Fast” ZRacing January Series Details | Zwift Insider
Rapha Rising Feb 24-27, 2022 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Haute Route Feb 26-28 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Tour of Innsbruck Feb 2020 Tour of Innsbruck Announced | Zwift Insider
Black Celebration 2021 Feb 2021 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Canada Nat. Chmpshps Feb 2020 Zwift announces National Championships – February 23rd and 24th
Ryzon 2021 Days of Dedication Feb 4-25 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Xterra race series Feb 22-28, 2021 XTERRA Series 2021 Races Start Today | Zwift Insider
Norseman Series Feb-Mar The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Tour of Watopia Mar 9 – Apr 3, 2023 Tour of Watopia 2022 - Zwift
Gravel Rush Mar 2020 Cervélo Gravel Rush Series Announced | Zwift Insider
Absa Cape Epic Mar 7-14 ABSA CAPE EPIC RETURNS TO ZWIFT | Zwift Newsroom
#Newrules Apr-May #NEWRULES | 100 km Mission | Tour de France avec Zwift
Parlee Speed Apr Parlee Speed Mission Announced | Zwift Insider
Tour for All May 4-30 The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App
Ceramic Speed May 1-31 CeramicSpeed Mission on Zwift
Wahoo Shred May 2020 Wahoo Shred Sessions Announced | Zwift Insider
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This resource is not as focused or concise as what you would like to share, but might be useful:

February mission details have been added to the top of this post :slight_smile:

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Oh. A that means a few more Route Badges for me in February too.


Just got an email about the March mission.

Someone’s keen!


Has the January Fit & Fast Mission finished already? The info I have says it finishes 23.59 UTC on Jan 31st, but when I logged into Zwift my Mission Card has disappeared?

Just curious.