Miracle: 1st place just lost 24 kg in 1 day

I am disappointed in everyone here, the gentleman in question is obviously suffering from a serious illness that causes these fluctuations. Shame on you!

I am just pleased his weight loss returned for the next race. My thoughts are with him


I hope I’m missing the sarcasm in your post because by some miracle the rider in question regained the lost 24kg the following day.

personally i’m more suspicious of people who never update their weight. if you don’t change your weight by .1 or .2kg at least four times a week, even though it doesn’t do anything, then you’re probably a criminal


I am so glad he feels better.

Further, I’m ok with people adjusting wt to stay in group for group rides.
If they race, it’s a different matter.

I was being 100% sarcastic. Not a fan of cheats etc. I know some people say to see it as a game, but personally can’t. My son did try racing but gave up due to the obvious disparities in racing etc and it gets my goat that these people in essence spoil it for others. They must have deep-seated childhood issues and inferiority complexes to need to do it, or maybe they didn’t get enough hugs. Who knows, but they certainly seem sad little individuals.


I guess soon will be a next generation trainer with a balance bundled to it. It still could be used to cheat to increase weight, but to reduce would be tricky…but as long as we have humans involved, some sort of cheating will be there

It’s perfectly fine, Zwift is just a game and shouldn’t you be happy they are using the game to full extent and adjusting their weight or gaming power to better their enjoyment of the game?

All you folk are just taking it too seriously. Sarcasm over…

In the Big Spin event last night we had a group of very fast riders (mostly A) at the front chatting about this very issue. People with 30kg weight, not riders with 1200w average and 130bpm heart rates. People are annoyed about it and something has to be done.

Mind you some of this group went very silent or deflected when I asked who had heart rate… hmm…

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Group rides are fine.
In the absence of a difficulty bias, changing wt or using Coffee Break is fine.

IRL, I got my wife a power assist bike and it is great. Wish I’d done it years ago.
It has opened up a new aspect for riding as a couple.

But, she doesn’t race it.

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A difficulty bias slider is indeed the solution. Changing weight on group rides has the potential to really screw up your CE numbers for the next time you would want to enter a race.

Unrealistic weight changes are never okay.

Just because it’s not a race should not mean the rest of Zwift is the dumping ground of exploits and dubious performances.

Maybe I make my weight 100kg for a few rides then I can probably jump in a lower category race and game the system for a win… yay!

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Yeah, I get what you’re saying and we are on the same page.
I believe, even if you add wt to lower your Cat, you still have to wait 90 days to drop.
People can adjust their weight to keep wpk at the top of cat.
You can’t prevent them from doing it and you can’t police it.
I don’t worry about it.
I just try to put out a good effort for me.
Zwift is better than looking at the wall and Racing Zwift is better still.
I don’t care how I place, I just want to race.
I don’t know why. I’m not even very good at it.

We can prevent this, you can put in automatic flags and checks if weight changes more than certain amount per day.

Then you can put in checks that automatically flag and stop the guys doing 450w constant no change for 3 hours plus with no heart rate or heart rate less than 135bpm. Or the folks doing steady 150+ cadence for hours.

There are loads of logical checks and balances you could put in to tidy up the Zwift playing field and get rid of the dubious performances.

And while we’re at it, look at the top of the leaderboards for kms per week for both men and women, you’ll might find some interesting things there as well. You might roll eyes and say what’s the point of that but it’s a serious deal for a lot of those people. But you have to wonder how some of them manage to have a life, work and do Zwift as well. Must not sleep at all.


There’s another thread about weight dopers that @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ just locked because it was a “name and shame” thread. He said to report cheaters to Zwift and they’ll handle it.

It’s long been the case that Zwift has done exactly nothing about reported cheaters. Has that changed? I’m curious and optimistic that Zwift now deals with cheaters since there’s official direction to report cheaters for Zwift to handle.