Mini island game: Zwift Mario Kart

Before you all say how ridiculous an idea this would be - think how much fun it could be as a mini-aside game. First off - this is NOT a feature that the ultra serious demographic of Zwift would enjoy - this is a subset of users who love mario kart, would like a more interactive experience and frankly think it would be an additional way to gamify zwift while getting great exercise. (I’m sure Zwift has thought of this in the past but maybe now its a time to re-visit it?)

It would increase interactiveness and would just be really fun to play. You could create a separate island and you could get a larger range of items than the current set. Some that could slow down your competitors. I can only imagine how a lightening strike would drive everyone bananas.

Instead of getting spun out from a red, green or blue turtle shell - it would just slow your player down on the screen (therefore you wouldn’t have any risk to injury on the rider side).

I think there is a lot of creativity that could be brought into this, keep it as a mini game separate from the rest of the zwift world so if people really despise it or it doesn’t get traction it doesn’t do any brand damage.

Please vote up the existing Feature Requests: Search results for 'Mario Kart ' - Zwift Forums

Closing this one since there are already a few just like it.

Ride On!