Meetup late join dropped me off the road

I tried multiple times to late join a meetup today, but every time I started a ride and chose the option to join the meetup, Zwift dropped me in some spot off the road (so I couldn’t pedal anywhere).

Convert this to an actual link to see what it looked like… https :// /a/BjJRT2L

Eventually I was able to late join by choosing the meetup organizer under “Join another Zwifter?” on the first screen, starting the ride, and then choosing to join the meetup. It very briefly looked like I’d be dropped off the road again, but then it moved me back to the group as expected.

Wondering if this had to do with the fact that the meetup was climbing Alpe du Zwift (on the Road to Sky route) and I was only at level 8, so that area would usually be locked. Or it might be unrelated.

Mac OS 10.15
Game version 1.0.54377
Launcher version 1.0.23

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Hi @Elizabeth_Craig1127 welcome to Zwift forums.

Would you send all of yesterday’s log files from your Macbook so we can see what might have happened? Here’s how to locate your logs.

Please attach all of the ones dated August 12 to an email to You can also reference this discussion URL to save yourself some time re-typing and uploading the image. Thanks.


@Elizabeth_Craig1127 Not trying to make… eh… light of your situation, but you’ve got the real flyer beat by quite a margin.

This happened to my friend in France yesterday. She was stuck off in the scenery a couple of times and then resolved by doing the same thing you did.

@shooj Thanks, just sent the logs. (And thanks to other posters for helping remind me! :laughing: )