maximum watts

Hello Zwift,

Can you tell me if there is a limit to the outpute of watts.

I use a Elite qubo fluid it appears that y cannot get over 1200 watts.

Many thanks,

Heite Hendriks

The limit in wattage is dependent on the trainer. For the Elite Qubo Power Fluid 1200 watts is its maximum resistance.

The Wahoo Kickr or Tacx Neo for example go up to 2000 Watt.

And if 2000 Watt is not beasty enough, the Elite Real Turbo Muin Smart goes up to 3600 Watt. A figure which no single person is truly going to achieve, asides for perhaps (and even still unlikely I’d say) some pro’s for a mere second.

Zwift calculates zpower based on data from a power meter.

manufacturers published curves for Elite Qubo Fluid = 2000 Watts.

Zpower maximum = maximum from rider tester ( 1200 watts )

zpower 42kph =968  Watts
       46kph =1200 watts
       50kph =1200 watts

With my Tacx Neo i reach a maximum of 900-1000 watts… 

The maximum wattage on a Genius was 1250 (equal to the devices max)


On My wattbike I reach 1800-1999 watt  on a max 10s sprint and in a sprint during training 1500-1600…

The 900 watt’s in the Zwift sprints feels very strange. It’s a bit like the Neo is braking. Seems like a problem with either the Neo or Zwift… Anyone got over 1200 watts with the Neo?

It seems my Turbo Trainer ‘Minora BD60’ and it will max out at 422 WATTS…is this right?

@Wilfred Karel

My max sprint power on my power meter is around 1400w. On the Tacx it’s difficult to go above 1000w.

I will try some more. Maybe I’m not pushing enough.