max power AND catagorize climbs

  1. Could you put a gold star by everyone’s name and flag that has turned their trainer difficulty all the way to max please? That way we know who’s got it turned up and who does not.

  2. Could you categorize the climbs like they do in the Tour de France please?


I don’t think number 1 will ever happen,


Cannon, what’s your goal for flagging those who have their “Trainer Diffiiculty” set to max? As you probably know, that setting affects the rider’s “feel” on gradients – their virtual gear ratio and thus their cadence options – but doesn’t (directly) affect their reported power. 

Thanks Steve, I thought having it on max setting made it more realistic. Thus if set on the least setting, the hills wouldn’t be as hard, and you could sprint faster. Thanks!

Hi Mr Cannon.

  1. That setting wont make you slower or faster, it just give you bigger or smaller gears. 

  2. Strava has all the climbs categorized.



I have my smart trainer set to 40%. That then allows me to put out power going down hill. If I put it on 100% it makes the hills harder than real life and climbing to the radio mast would be challenging with the gears I have. I think the 100% difficulty is different for different models of trainers. I’m on a Hammer and I’ve also seen other Hammer owners say 100% is harder than real life.

At the end of the day a rider putting out 300 watts at 100% difficulty is riding just as hard as a rider putting out 300 watts with the difficulty set at 50%, the only difference being what gears are being used. Both will be travelling at the same speed.

Thanks Gerrie! I really appreciate that. And thanks for the Strava info. I do not use Strava and was hoping Zwift would simply add the categorizations somehow for us.


And thank you also to Nigel! I did not know any of that you point out. I simply thought if your resistance was set to full, then the hill gradient was realistic to being out on the real road outside. And if it was set to easier, then a 10 percent grade for example might feel like something less depending on where your resistance is set, and then perhaps allowing you to climb faster? I’m using a Wahoo Kickr and absolutely love it. Set to full resistance. :-)