Malfunction at Zwift

Lately I keep running into the same malfunction. The wattages and all other texts are shaky. It cannot be read. I also occasionally have short shot downs, causing the wattages to go to zero for a while. a few seconds later it just continues. Anyone any idea what the problem is and how i can fix it?

For your information. I recently uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift. And there is not a probleem with my WiFi.

Tell us more details about your setup - what Zwift is running on, what display, which trainer, connection method etc.

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Zwift version 2021 with Tacx Flux. On a Lenovo Ideapad C340 on WiFi with extender 5GHz. ANT+

So when you say that the texts are shaky, do you mean that there’s a graphical/display problem where you can’t clearly read the data?

And as well as that, sometimes your watts drop to zero while you’re pedalling, but then start working again a few seconds later?

Yes. That’s the problem.

Sometimes i have trouble with the ERG mode. My chain broke a couple of months ago at just 150 watts (while barely getting the pedals around). That probleem seems fixed now, but it still seems at acceptable wattages twice as heavy as normal. This will be another issue that I suspect I can fix by recalibrating.