Make All Training Plan Workouts Usable as Solo Workouts

I want to use training plan workouts outside of the training plans. I am in the middle of doing the CRIT Crusher training plan. I love some of the workouts, for instance, the Strength Training workout from my week 2. I can’t find that workout in the (non-training plan) list of workouts. When I try to download it from it doesn’t let me and says it’s already 'available in Zwift."

There are some great workouts in the training plans. It would be rad to be able to tap them anytime besides the 3-day window during which they are available in a training plan.

I know this is not answering your question, i agree that it should be available.

But it is pretty east to make your own workout with

Took about 3 min to make.


Thanks for the suggestion! We have definitely heard a lot of feedback about training plan workouts being extracted, so I’ll keep everyone posted if there are updates.


This is a great idea!

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Yes. Please add the training plan workouts as stand alone workouts available at any time.

I am about to finish the TT Tuneup series and would like very much to continue with these workouts without having to start over from day 1.

Just want to voice my support for doing this. I use quite often to find workouts that fit my goals, but have to filter out the ones from the training plans. There are some great workouts there, but the zwo files are not hosted on whatsonzwift and are only accessible during certain weeks of specific training plans

This is absolutely true, and I do it myself. What I miss out on, however, are things like cadence instructions…not the motivation, but the cues on when to do low RPM high torque vs. high RPM low torque.

Other than that, it’s a viable option.


It would be great to have all of the training plan workouts available in the workout section for individual use.

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Yes this will make workouts a lot more flexible.

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Just wanted to concur. The would be a great feature.

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This is a great idea as some of the workouts are fantastic - I dont want an entire plan as I ride outside so much and just need to fill in days
@zwift make this happen

This would be also really useful for athletes who already follow an individual training plan and just look for single workouts that fit their plan.

As far as i can tell this still hasnt been resolved. I agree that this would be a really useful feature.