Lost Training Plan Progress [Nov 2022] [1.31]

This has not been solved. Many of us who “reenrolled” in our training plans prior to the release of 1.31.1 have not been able to recover our training plan progress.


@Aaron_Norris I kindly agree with your points! I’ve seen these things go both ways, depending on the developer or support person. Either way, I hope they have a way of restoring things for people.

I’ve still not got a fix for my white log in screen that has appeared since the patch. Has anyone else had this and have you fixed it? I’ve done the reinstallation and followed Zwift’s basic instructions but they’re now not responding to me so I’m stuck trying to do workouts on my phone screen which is a poor experience.

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Same here…
A 12-week workout is almost all marked as “I did it outside Zwift”.
From a very disappointed new customer :slight_smile:

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Czy ktoś się zajmuje zaistniałym problemem czy temat jest już uznany jako rozwiązany?

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Closing as solved by the 1.31.1 patch. Please view this thread if you are experiencing lost Training Plan progress since then.