Loss 10Kg in four 4days CHEATER not NOT

we pay to race cheater losing 10kg in try win Zwift game S5. Zwift and laughing at us how race fair.

can be a very effective Italian slimming diet… :clown_face:

more seriously, it’s regrettable this kind of behavior to gain what? I would say 15 places on a Zwift Games :roll_eyes:

That seems a little harsh as you don’t know his personal health issues. Going from a height of 190cm to 169cm over the past 4 years has likely caused a lot of anxiety and weight lose.:thinking:


he lose 5kg put 5kg on then lose 10kg sus which ever way you look at it and zwift allow this to happen


Send him to the Gulag? zwift world is only the hilly route.

need more the the gulag need banning. CoD ban people for cheating why cant zwift weight effect the game to get a unfair advantage

We don’t name and shame riders.

Report him to Zwift.