List of Riders at Login Not Scrollable

At login when the list of riders is displayed with the option to join, the list is not scrollable if it contains more than one page of riders.

I certainly scrolled through the list just fine during the big rush during the Jens Voigt event. Why do you think it isn’t scrollable?

hmm…that’s where I noticed it but let me check again another time. Maybe I was just nervous!

Circling back to this…noticed in the mobile app today that 17 people were online so I logged in from my computer to test scrolling.

Keeping in mind that I am on a MacBook using Bootcamp, which is not an ideal situation with regard to the Mac track pad…the Bootcamp software for the track pad doesn’t work super well…here are some thoughts.

The only way I can scroll using the trackpad is holding one finger down on the pad, then moving my other finger up or down. It seems that when scrolling it isn’t sticky…as I would scroll and select someone’s name, then the list would jump around.

This is probably related to my hardware but just passing on my observation.

Would be good if the list was scrollable using the arrow keys, which on my computer it is not. Might also be good to have a scroll bar displayed.

Also, I noticed that several people listed both in the mobile app and the login list of riders did not appear in the in game rider list. I am guessing you guys were doing some kind of testing as Jon’s name was one that appeared at login but was not displayed in game.