Launcher won't start after update a couple of minutes ago

Launcher 10/28/2014 12:09am build won’t start on my computer. Last App version still works, but this launcher seems broken. Logs don’t have anything interesting.

What happened:

  1. Started launcher to check out something in the app
  2. update was pushed at start
  3. got message that Zwift Needed to restart to apply update
  4. Zwift restarted but the launcher closes immediately with no message/crash
  5. restarted PC completely just in case, still doesn’t work
  6. Bypassing Launcher and just executing ZwiftApp.exe still works fine.

Re-Ran original ZwiftSetup.1.0.exe and it fixed whatever was wrong and only took 15 seconds to run…

Moved to Tips and Troubleshooting.