Laps in Strava

(Jason Richardson) #1

 I would like to be able to compare my performance between laps in Strava.  If I ride 6 laps in Zwift right now, when the ride is sent to Strava it shows up as one ride with one lap.  What I would like is for it to show up as 1 ride with 6 laps. 

(Mario Kulero) #2

You can compare the laps via the segments in Strava > for Watopia : “1 Watopia Way” 

(Jason Richardson) #3

It’s true that you can compare segments in strava.  And what strava does is encode the lap as a segment.  The problem is that it only works in strava, and not to well if you want performance metrics that are not in strava.  When the ride is synced to garmin connect, or sporttracks the segment info is lost. Strava is not great for comparing segments that you repeated on the same day. Strava is excellent for benchmarking. I really want to be able to align the laps and compare them.  It seems like a simple thing to encode the synced file properly,such that all services will recognize a lap.