Lap jersey/leaderboard for TT frames only

Add a jersey and leaderboard fot tt riders. The current orange lap jersey inevitably goes to someone in a blob and thus efforts on TT bikes are largely irrelevant.
If I select a TT bike and a route, show me a leaderboard exclusively from tt riders on that route. And ideally keep a stopwatch rolling for the lap with time splits of live position. I think this is possible with the zwift power timing implementation in last update.
Would be a nice addition for solo riders, especially with steering. e.g. was riding the rtv route, great course but I have the badge now and there is no lap jersey at all. Can’t help think it would be prime for this type of thing.

A separate leader board for TT bikes would be a fabulous feature for the Tempus Fugit route. Lots of riders use TT bikes to ride Tempus Fugit but the leader board gets owned by the riders in the Pace Partner blob.

I have taken the Reverse on Temus Fugit more than a few times using a TT/Tri bike. It can be done.

Kudos to you for being able to average 40+ km/h to take the Tempus Fugit Reverse segment from the Pace Partner blobs.

Pace Partner Blobs are not the issues, the other TT riders and the zPower users are.

Most of the time you must go sub 10 minutes to get the reverse jersey.

As a recreational rider that puts out nowhere near Professional level wattage I have no delusions of capturing a Tempus Fugit Reverse Sprint jersey. A TT bike leader board would enable riders to measure themselves with other riders on a level as possible playing field. Shane Miller, the GPLama, created a Youtube video ( that illustrates how much faster group rides are than a single or TT bike rider.

Yes, it would be nice to have separate leaderboards for TT/Tri bikes, but I would rather the zPower users be excluded first.

Ya, I know this. I also know that the C Pace Partner Group (the only on the does the reverse) is not fastest enough to even get close to getting the jersey. I have seen large group rides dominate the leaderboard, but that is rare.

I am nowhere near pro level either. I am just an average, close to 50 year old rider and I have been lucky enough to get the jersey a few times. Oh, and I have done it on a TT/Tri bike.

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