L39ION of LA Nighttime Crit Series 2021 FAQ

What is the L39ION of LA Crit Series?
The L39ION of LA Crit Series is a 4-event race series for Zwifters of all abilities hosted by the most exciting crit team in the world, L39ION of LA.

When does L39ION of LA Crit Series start and finish?
The Broadcast ride is on December 8th. This is an orientation ride. Get the inside scoop, race tips, and more from 10X National Crit Champ Rahsaan Bahati.

The Race Series starts on Friday, December 10th and ends Tuesday, December 21st. There are races every Tuesday and Friday during that time frame.
How do I register for these events?
Use this link to find and sign up for the L39GION of LA Nighttime Crit Series events

What if I miss a stage?
You have to complete a sprint training workout with L39ION founder and American crit champion Justin Williams for each stage you miss.


There’s no penalty for missing events. Missing a race makes it impossible to earn points for the General Classification standing for that competition, but you knew that.

How many race days are in the L39ION of LA Nighttime Crit Series series?

What are the routes in the L39ION of LA Nighttime Crit Series series?
There’s just one course: the brand new event-only course in Neokyo. Every night, get ready to rush into the electricity of the evening.

What are the dates?

    • December 7th
    • Friday, December 10th
    • Tuesday, December 14th
    • Friday, December 17th
    • Tuesday, December 21st

What time are the races?
There are three different race times for each day of the series. Each is targeted toward peak times for three separate areas.

11am PST (targets UK + EU evenings)

4pm PST- (targets USA, East Coast)

7pm PST (targets USA, West Coast, Best Coast :grin:)

Can I race a stage more than once?
Heck yeah! Each stage includes three different times. You are welcome to race as many times as you would like. You can only accumulate points from one race each day. Your best result will count.

How do I opt-in to make sure I don’t miss any emails?
Just update your email preferences. Check out our article for more info.

What should I do to prepare?
Click over to our Support Hub. You’ll find the intel you need to get ready. For basic info on getting started, check out this article. If you’re looking for more helpful tips on getting ready for event day, check out this article. And be sure to join the orientation ride on December 8th for information and tips from L39ION legends as well as 10x National Crit Champion Rahsaan Bahati.

What if one of my events wasn’t saved?
Apologies. There are a handful of possible technical reasons your activity didn’t count. They include game crashes, logging in on multiple devices, working out after finishing a stage, or not completing the final lap. The best way to ensure your activity counts is to save and exit the game after completing the stage. If you run into any issues, please reach out to us—we’re here to help!

What are the race rules?
Competitors in the A and B categories must have a ZwiftPower account. Sign up well in advance. It’s free but can take some time, so give yourself a few minutes.

As you may know, ZwiftPower requires that racers use a heart rate monitor and smart trainer.

ZwiftPower will level the playing field. If a Zwifter competes in the wrong category, they will not earn points. So be sure to choose well.

C and D events are open to promote inclusivity and participation. Please choose the appropriate category.

Series Page Link: zwift.com/uk/events/series/l39inoflacritseries

L39ION Webpage: l39ionoflosangeles.com

L39ION Instagram Handle: @L39ION.la

L39ION’s Involvement in US cycling:

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

L39ION of LA was created to advance the sport of cycling, eliminate boundaries, and promote diversity, representation, and inclusion. L39ION wants to grow the sport in America and let the American masses know that you don’t need to conform to be a part of the cycling community.

The team is devoted to using its platform to give back to the younger generations and showcase criterium racing in a way where athletes can make a good living competing in the USA.

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Do we unlock the kit for these events?

Excellent question! The L39GION kits are event-only, meaning they’re not unlocked for you to keep afterward.

Lemme correct that confusing bit in the OP, thanks for pointing it out.

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I understand what you are doing, but the C cat is currently the worse Cat for sandbagging. They get a raw deal in 95% of the other races anyway, and now you throw them to the Wolves in this new series.

Make E the inclusive ride, and lock the Zwiftpower categories down for A-D to ensure everyone gets a fair race.

Sounds very much like another thread we have on the go…


These translate as 7pm, midnight and 3am for me. Shame there isn’t one targeting APAC, as that might be more likely to be during the day my time (7pm in Perth, WA is 11am UK for example).

I guess it’s going in to summer over there now though, and that’s why there’s no explicit provision.

I’m not even in APAC and I agree with you on this. How hard would it be to add one more event on each date?

Welcome to my world. There is never a time zone for USA morning riders.

When I was riding in the ZRL with one of the DIRT teams, I’m pretty sure some of the guys were riding at 5am or even earlier. It was 10am for me, so I was able to ride them as long as work meetings didn’t clash. :smiley:

Evening is peak time in the UK/EU I’m sure, but from a purely personal perspective it’s hard to fit in with a 4-year-old.

East coast options was 5:30am witch is perfect for me but our team is all over the USA so not so good for other USA morning Zones.

I’m almost completely new to Zwift & racing (2 zwiftpower rides, with 1 being the Neokyo badge challenge). What distance will the races be? It doesn’t mention on any of the pages. 5km? 25km? 100km?

As a D category rider, I agree with the above about making A-D use Zwiftpower and making an E category for an inclusive ride.

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When you sign up for the event it show the Distance and elevation

From the description:

Be one of the first to ride the event-only crit course in Neokyo. The frenetic and electric nocturnal pulse of Yumezi never sleeps and the sun never rises. Thanks to the insane energy of this urban center, Neokyo is a total rush.

Looks like 6 laps of this course for each category.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Thanks! Isn’t that the distance for the badge hunt though?

@Mike_Rowe1 I saw 6 laps but it said it was an event-only course, so 6 laps doesn’t mean anything to me without knowing how long 1 lap is. Thanks for the ZwiftInsider link. For anyone reading this, the course is 3.9km per lap, so ~24km all up. Thanks again!

I just grabbed a random screen shot while doing my workout.



@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Thanks for the link! I haven’t seen ZwiftHacks before.